Welcome to Cakes by Ciao! All of our cakes are hand crafted from scratch, designed just how you like it. We bake fresh daily and on premises, using only the highest quality ingredients to create a stunning custom cake that will be the talking point of your next event. Our friendly team will work with you to model your cake to suit your taste buds, eye and budget.

Use this ordering guide to simplify the process so that we can ensure your cake is just right with as little hassle as possible.

Contact our decorators via email to begin your order now

Please note that prices will vary depending on flavour, decoration and complexity of design. Pricing and details as follows.

Step 1. How many people are you serving?

The number of people you’re looking to serve will determine the size of your cake, use this size guide to determine what size cake we recommend you order. Your serving size is dependent on who cuts the cake. Our suggested serving size is roughly 5-6 bites (a small slice), however, knowing you’ll be back for seconds or if you prefer a larger slice of cake, we would recommend the size up. You can never have enough cake!

Tall and tiered cakes will incorporate more than one layer of cake to serve more people (please see below ‘Tall Cakes’ & ‘Tiered Cakes’), while a slab cake will serve more people without the height. The standard sizes we bake and their starting price include;

  • 7″ round, up to 8 serves – from $33.50
  • 9″ round, up to 15 serves – from $43.95
  • 10″ square, up to 25 serves – from $74.00
  • 12″ square, up to 45 serves – from $120.00
  • 14″ square, up to 70 serves – from $160.00
  • 16″ square, up to 100 serves – from $180.00

Step 2. What’s your flavour?


Made from scratch and from the finest ingredients, you can’t go past the quality and taste of our moist mud cakes. Baked fresh and to order, our custom cakes are made with our delicious mud. As a dense, firm cake, a mud cake can be stacked, tiered, shaped and moulded into a stunning centrepiece for your event. Finally, mud cakes are a very good cake for freezing. It will not acquire that “frozen” taste nor will it lose any of its rich attributes. If not consumed within 5-7 days your mud cake leftovers will freeze well for up to 4 weeks.

STANDARD FLAVOURS – baked daily and generally available for short notice custom cakes
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Marble
  • Caramel
  • Banana
PREMIUM FLAVOURS – additional cost, require a minimum of 5 days notice to guarantee we have ingredients in stock
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Pineapple
  • Red Velvet
  • Carrot Cake
  • Orange & Poppyseed

Step 3. Customise

If you are sure of what you want, email us an example picture and we’ll create a cake as similar as possible. For inspiration, check out our Cakes Gallery, or simply search for your dream cake on the internet, screenshot the design you love and email it to our clever decorators. From there we can discuss just how you would like your cake to look and what we can make for you.

 Special Dietary Needs

Gluten free, dairy free, eggless and vegan options available. Please email for further information.

 Tall Cakes

Tall cakes are our most popular style of custom cake, see our custom cakes gallery for an idea of how your tall cake will look. These cakes are stacked with 2 or more layers of mud cake and combined with our delectable buttercream to create a stunning tall cake, all while meeting the serving size requirement. This also means you have the option of more than one flavour. Put simply, if you’re looking to feed 12-16 people, a tall cake is made with 2 x layers of 7″ mud rather than 1 x layer of 9″ – this will extend the serves upwards rather than outwards. Should you require more serves, we simply add another layer. For best results, we recommend a tall design for all drip cakes. Please get in contact with our decorators to discuss the size and number of layers that would best suit both your design requests and serving requirements.

Tiered Cakes

Use this ordering guide to simplify the process so that we can ensure your cake is just right with as little hassle as possible.